De geschiedenis van 3ttt ofwel 3T

The history of 3ttt or 3T

Take 2 vintage racing bikes and you are guaranteed to find the inscription 3ttt on the handlebars and stem. An overview of the company

Paletti – pareltjes van fietsen

Paletti - marvelous bicycles

Luciano Paletti's bicycles are all gems, so a visit to the shop and workshop of this frame builder was inevitable

Fiets in de kijker: de Pinarello Montello van Maarten

Bike in the spotlight: Maarten's Pinarello Montello

The bike in the spotlight this time is a Pinarello Montello from Maarten. The bike originally dates from 1985 and was finished in a red-pink color but was repainted at the Pinarello factory itself in 1998

Fiets in de kijker: Carrera Gara

Bicycle in the spotlight: Carrera Gara

The racing bike in the spotlight this time is a Carrera One with Columbus Gara tubing that dates from the 1990s. The bike is still completely original, including the handlebar tape so typical for that time.