The World Cycling Championships is one of the most important events for cyclists, not only because you are the best in the world (that day anyway) but mainly because you can ride in the jersey of world champion for a whole year.

Cycling races were already organized at the end of the 19th century, but for the 1st World Championship cycling it was waiting until 1927, the women even had to wait until 1958. Only in 1994 the first World Championship time trial was organized.

Below are some facts about the World Cycling Championships

World Cycling Championships men on the road

1927: the 1st World Cycling Championships for men was organized in 1927 in Nรผrburg. The winner was the Italian Alfredo Binda, ahead of his fellow countrymen Costantino Girardengo and Domenico Piemontese

Alfredo Binda

Alfredo Binda the 1st world road champion ever

1939 – 1945: no World Cup was organized during World War II

26 gold medals Belgium is still the country with the most gold medals. For the total number of medals, Belgium (49 medals) is second after Italy with 56 medals

3 times world champion only 5 riders became 3 times world champion on the road, namely Alfredo Binda, Rik Van Steenbergen, Eddy Merckx, Oscar Freire and Peter Sagan who is the only one that can still break this record

2 times world champion: 7 riders became world champion twice in their career, namely Georges Ronsse, (iron) Briek Schotte, Rik Van Looy, Freddy Maertens, Greg Lemond, Gianni Bugno and Paolo Bettini

2 times in a row: Georges Ronsse, Rik Van Steenbergen, Rik Van Looy, Gianni Bugno and Paolo Bettini became world champions twice in a row. Peter Sagan even 3 times.

Jean Pierre Monserรฉ: unfortunately died in March 1971 in the jersey of world champion

Joop Zoetemelk: is still the oldest world champion ever, Zoetemelk was exactly 38 years and 272 days when he won in 1985

Karel Kaers: is the youngest world champion ever, he was only 20 years and 46 days in 1934

Peter Sagan: is the 1st rider to win 3 times in a row

Becoming Champion of the world in the jersey of Olympic champion: 3 riders achieved the title of world road champion as Olympic champion, namely Ercole Baldini (1958), Hennie Kuiper (1975) and Paolo Bettini (2006 and 2007)

World Cycling Championships on the road ladies

1958: the women's road world championships are being organized for the first time in Reims, France. The winner is Elsy Jacobs from Luxembourg, there were only 29 participants.

Jeannie Longo: won the World Cup no less than 5 times and is therefore the undisputed record holder. She did that 4 times in a row, from 1985 to 1989 because there was no World Cup in 1988

1984, 1988 and 1992: because the Olympic games took place no Championship was organized

Yvonne Reynders: the Belgian cyclist became world champion 4 times, in 1959, 1961, 1963 and 1966

Marianne Vos: became world champion 3 times, in 2006, 2012 and 2013

12 gold medals The Netherlands has won the most gold medals ahead of France (10) and Belgium (6)

32 medals here too the Netherlands leads before Italy and the former Soviet Union (both 21 medals)

World time trial on the road men

1994: the 1st World Championship time trial on the road was won by Chris Boardman before the Italian Andrea Chiurato and a young Jan Ullrich

Michael Rogers: was the first to win 3 times in a row, from 2003 to 2005

4 times world Champion Fabian Cancellara and Tony Martin both became 4 times world time trial champions on the road

Remco Evenepoel: was immediately good for a silver medal at his 1st participation in 2019, at the age of 20.

7 gold medals Germany is the country with the most gold medals, ahead of Switzerland and Australia (both 5).

17 medals here too Germany leads before Great Britain (10) and Switzerland (9)

World Championship time trial on the road ladies

Karen Kurreck: this American was crowned world champion in 1994 in Agrigento, Italy

Jeannie Longo: the female Eddy Merckx won the title 4 times, in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2001

twice the Netherlands both Leontien Van Moorsel and Annemiek Van Vleuten won twice in a row for the Netherlands

7 gold medals the United States won the most gold medals (7), ahead of the Netherlands (5) and Germany (4)

13 medals here too the United States is number 1 with 13 medals, followed by the Netherlands (12) and Germany (11)